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One of the most rewarding processes for us, is creating a unique piece in partnership with our clients.

If you are looking to mark a special occasion, create the perfect gift, or just simply want to have something that reflects who you are, then a bespoke project may be just the thing for you.

The process starts with a meeting - which can be digital or in person - to find out a bit more about your preferences, timescales and budget. We can also talk through the different options for sourcing both the metal and the stones, depending on your preferences.

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Next comes the design stage: Sally will take the information from your meeting, along with visual inspiration (we LOVE a Pinterest board!) to start to develop initial design ideas and to source any gemstones that you want to use.

Sally will then prepare a series of design ideas for the next meeting, where we can discuss options, look at stones and decide on the final design. 

Once a design is selected, Sally will begin production, with information and feedback at all steps of the process via email, virtual or in-person meetings.  Depending on the design, production may be either using CAD (computer aided design), hand fabrication, casting or any combination of techniques. 


Where feasible, CAD models are made and sent to you for you to keep; these are a great way to determine scale, fit and style. Then the fabrication begins!

Wherever possible, we like to try your piece on before the stones are added, so that you can be sure it's comfortable - and more importantly exactly how you want it


Thinking of proposing?

We love to work with couples; we believe that making an engagement or wedding ring should be a collaborative process, with both parts of the couple being involved. 

If you are planning to propose, and want both the gesture of offering a ring, but would also like to involve your partner in the design process, there are two ways that we recommend you go about this.

The first (and our favourite!) option is for us to work with you to source a stone, which we can then put into a holding mount for you to propose with. Then you both come back and design the ring for the stone together.

The second option is for us to make a 'proposal ring' - a piece that you use to propose that can then be resized to be worn on another finger, once we have created your engagement ring together.

Please get in touch if you'd like to work with us to create your ideal piece and proposal opportunity!

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