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our Ethics

We really do believe in Good. This means we try to minimise our impact on the planet and support those who are working towards a better world for us all.

All our products are made in the UK, bringing together a network of highly skilled craftspeople to create beautiful jewellery that is as good on the inside as it is on the outside. 


our stones

There are many different options when it comes to incorporating gemstones into a piece, and we use a selection of them. All of our stones are either fully traceable, reclaimed or manmade. We are happy to combine these sources, so if you have a stone we can find more to team with it - for more info on manmade stones, click here


our metal

All our metals are either 100% recycled, or certified Fairtrade. We work with trusted suppliers of recycled metals in the UK, and are proud to be one of the world's first Fairtrade Gold licence holders.

We can also use your own metal to create something new - however you want to work, we are happy to help!

IMG_2809 crop.jpg


In 2011, Leonard of London became one of the world's first Fairtrade Gold license holders, working with the Fairtrade Foundation to help better the lives of artisinal miners, and offer them a fairer price for the metals that they mine. For more information on Fairtrade Gold, click here


our packaging

All our packaging is reused and recycled wherever possible. This means sometimes your jewellery will arrive in an already used jiffy bag. Whilst it is not the most beautiful thing to post in, it helps us to minimise our impact. 

We are currently developing new, 100% biodegradable packaging - watch this space!

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